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Hire Professionals to Write Online Content

Hire Professionals to Write Online Content

Inbound marketers know it’s all about content marketing. This is what gets you noticed online-content, SEO work, content and more content! But knowing this doesn’t mean anything unless you’re providing consistent, quality, custom content. As a business owner, or inbound marketing leader, do you really have what it takes to provide exceptiona ... More...

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How to Effectively Use Consumer Leads

How to Effectively Use Consumer Leads

 Companies work hard to gain consumer leads, but once acquired, many business owners don’t know how to effectively use them. Fortunately, using leads is the easy part. Follow these guidelines to turn your consumer leads into solid sales:

  • Business owners should call their consumer leads on occasion. Take time from marathon me ... More...
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Happy New Year!

To help kick start your business this New Year, consider doing an email campaign. GoLeads has access to virtually any type of targeted audience.  It’s a great way to get your message out quickly, effectively and inexpensively!

20,000 Emails for as little as $800

Now is a great time to consider doing an email campaign. That’s because we have slashed the price of campaigns over 50%.  For as little as $800, you can get as ... More...

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How to Qualify Sales Leads

With prolific internet access and a whole new world of advancing technology, sales people can’t afford to waste time on dead ends and sales leads that won’t pay off.  In the past, a great deal of energy was put into every sales meeting, as prospects were sporadic at best.  It took time, attention and a lot of courting to get a sale.  As you know, times have changed.

Learn ... More...

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How to Create the Best Sales Leads List


When you’re looking for the best sales leads list, don’t go to those “free leads” sites unless you want old, used lists that often don’t have correct information or have all been opted out of.  Research leads companies and try one that’s got a solid reputation and is transparent in their process. You should be able to select your criteria from a good-sized database. You ... More...

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Having a Content Strategy is Vital to Content Marketing


For many large companies and global brands, content marketing is an indisputable focus.  It’s not simply reworking your sales and marketing collateral to drive customer interest, but it’s creating and publishing the right content for your target audience.  The “right” content is personalized, informative and entertaining to effectively build a relationship with your customer.

Establishing a content strategy can be outlined b ... More...

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How to Climb Steep Hills While Cycling

Climbing hills on a bicycle isn''t everyone''s idea of fun... Yet, if you live in a hilly area or you''re traveling through hills, why deny yourself the pleasure of continuing to ride regularly just because of those steeper hills? Climbing steep hills on a cycle requires knowing a few tips about increasing your stamina, positioning yourself correctly on the cycle, and changing those gears. So hop back on your bike with this advice and find yourself a few steep hills to practice on until it ... More...

Health Insurance Tips for Small Business Owners


If you’re like the millions of small-business owners across the country concerned about health insurance, you’re probably a bit confused and concerned about the ever- changing laws and seemingly never ending increase in cost.  If you’re deciding whether or not to offer your employees insurance in 2014, here are a few s ... More...

How to Leverage Content Curation for Your Content Marketing Needs


You may or may not have heard of content curation, but it’s a growing and important aspect of your complete marketing strategy.  Unlike original written content, curated content is that which is taken from other places and shared.  All of your content, whether curated or originally produced, needs to have proper balance to provide value to viewers and keep a meaningful flow of engaging information.  The rule of thu ... More...

How to Successfully Combine Online and Offline Marketing

Many companies today are mistakenly sacrificing their offline marketing efforts in a bid to ramp up their online marketing efforts and social media presence.  The problem with this approach is that the most successful online marketing tactics are those that are combined with offline strategies. 

One of the most common reasons people fear marrying the two strategies is the belief that it will be hard to maintain brand awareness over a variety of marketing channels but this is sim ... More...

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Help for Those Who Suffer from Excessive Sweating

Sweat is the body’s way of keeping itself cool.  Most people sweat in warm temperatures, while exercising or in stressful situations.  When a person produces an excessive amount of sweat at unpredictable times it is known as hyperhidrosis.  Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition which is believed to be caused by overactive sweat glands.More...