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Best Ways to Get Sales Leads

So many times business owners, marketing gurus and self-made millionaires throw phrases around, like, “consumer leads, mailing lists and sales leads.” Unfortunately, they don’t tell you the best ways to get them. Today is a different sales and marketing game then yesterday saw, but consumer leads and the other afore mentioned leads are just as important.


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Bone Growth Stimulators and Spinal Fusion Surgery


More and more frequently, doctors are prescribing the use of bone growth stimulators to aid the healing process in spinal fusion surgery.  If you are looking to purchase bone growth stimulators, is a great source.  With bottom line pricing, this is your place to get medical devices and pain relief products.  Learn more about bone growth stimulators, then contact to order one today. 


Electricity is run thro ... More...

Big Data 101

What is big data? Even if you are familiar with it, you might have a hard time explaining exactly what it means. So let’s put it in the simplest terms possible. Big data involves collecting information, or data, from consumers and then using that information to find the best ways to connect with those consumers.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to big data is how to store the massive amount of collected information until it can be analyzed. The correct type of data storag ... More...

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Boutique Telemarketing Firm or Call Center – Which is Right for You?

When it comes to connecting with B2B customers, many companies are unsure if a call center is the best option. Right or wrong, call centers have a reputation as a place where thousands of identical calls are made each day and there is little room for personalized customer service.

It’s true that agents at most call centers work from a script that is, for the most part, set in stone. They also speak mainly to lower-level managers who are not usually authorized to make high-level deci ... More...

B2B vs. B2C Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, many companies fail to make the important distinction between B2B and B2C clients. While it’s common mistake, it’s also a costly one.

Even though both are technically customers, forging relationships with individuals and companies involve different approaches. In order to ensure that you are connecting with your B2B and B2C prospects in the right way, it is vital that you understand the differences between the two. What follows are some of most sign ... More...

Benefits of Telemarketing Go Far Beyond Sales

Savvy businesses owners understand that telemarketing is an essential part of their marketing and sales strategy. This is because time over time, telemarketing has proven to be one of the best ways to identify, qualify and nurture leads. After all, nothing compares to a one-on-one conversation.

Other business owners would like to integrate telemarketing into their marketing and sales efforts but are unsure of the best way to do it.  While telemarketing is commonly associated with se ... More...

Big Data Benefits – and Concerns – Many Farmers

More and more, big data is having a significant effect on how farmers do their jobs. And there is no shortage of ways for farmers to collect data from their farms. There also is no shortage of companies that are willing to, for the right price, help farmers use this data to make their farms run more efficiently.

Tractors and other farm machinery are outfitted with sensors that record information and then upload that information to the cloud. Once this information has been uploaded, ... More...

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Buying Hay and Feed in Bulk: How Much is Too Much?

Buying horse hay and feed in bulk can save horse owners a great deal of money. Many owners are reluctant to do so, however, because they are concerned that stored hay will spoil before it is used.

If stored correctly, hay can last for long periods of time, in some cases even years. In humid regions of the country, however, three years is probably the longest hay should be stored.

The key to successfully storing hay has much to do with what happens before the hay arriv ... More...

B2B vs. B2C Sales Pitches

Sales means different things to different people. In the simplest terms, however, sales can be defined as selling products or services to a business or consumer.

This definition of sales is hard to argue with and likely won’t ever change. In light of this fact, you would think that selling to B2B (business to business) customers and selling to B2C (business to consumer) cust ... More...

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hay Pellets as Livestock Feed

When it comes to feeding livestock, hay bales are probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, hay pellets are a possible alternative. Before deciding what to use for the forage part of livestock’s diets, it is necessary to weights the benefits and drawbacks of hay pellets.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage is that hay pellets require less storage space than hay bales. This is especially useful if storage is limited. And, for that matter, the (fewer) materials needed t ... More...

Best Practices for Soil Sampling

Soil testing is an outstanding method for assessing the fertilizer needs of your soil. Given the cost of fertilizer, soil sampling is the best way to determine whether you are using the correct amount of fertilizer on your crops.

Most agricultural experts recommend testing soil every two to four years. They also caution that soil testing is not a task to be taken lightly and that to get accurate results, it must be done correctly and consistently.

What follows are som ... More...

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Best Christmas Gifts for Your Farming and Ranching Clients

We are quickly approaching the holiday season and gift giving will be on the minds of almost everyone. If you own an agricultural business, you will need to decide if giving gifts to your farming and ranching clients is something you want to do.

Most experts agree that giving gifts is an appropriate way to let your customers know that you value their business. It also is an opportunity to reach out to them without trying to sell—something that your customers will appreciate.

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Building a Better AdWords Campaign

AdWords is a great way to market your business and drive traffic to your website. Unfortunately, when not executed correctly, it can also be a huge drain on your marketing budget. This is especially true if AdWords is your principal marketing method.

If you want to launch an AdWords campaign and are expecting a big ROI, you are going to have to manage that campaign. What follows is a list of the things you need to pay particular attention to if you want your AdWords campa ... More...

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B2B vs. B2C Appointment Setting

Appointment setting can be broken down into two types. These types are business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). In general, B2B appointment setting comprises of phone call communication between two businesses to initiate or finalize a transaction. 

On the other hand, B2C setting includes a direct communication between businesses and consumers. 

B2B Appointment Setting
About 20 percent of an appointment setter’s time is spent ... More...

Breaking Down Big Data for Small Business

You hear the word data everywhere these days but for many small business owners, it can be a difficult concept. In fact, even those businesses that feel confident in their data collection methods can wonder how they should put that data to work for them.


Of course, this doesn’t mean there is any shortage of advice on the subject. Ask anyone in the business world and they will tell you that data can increase profits, convert more sales, deliver better customer servic ... More...

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