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Keeping Goats Warm in the Winter

If you raise goats, keeping these animals warm in the winter is an important consideration. No matter whether you are raising goats for fun or profit, if you don’t keep them warm, you can kiss all the fun and profit goodbye.

What follows are some tips to make sure that your goats stay warm and dry during the cold winter months.

1. Goats need to feed on roughage to create heat from the inside out. In fact, if goats are fed only grain and no hay they can fre ... More...

Keeping Cattle Healthy During the Cold Winter Months

Cold weather can take a toll on livestock. That is why cattle management is so important this time of year.

When temperatures hit a critical low, cattle must use extra energy in order to remain warm. Through the middle of the winter, the coat on cattle keeps growing. When cattle are covered in their heavy winter coat they can usually do well until the temperature drops to lower than 18 F. When temperatures drop below that point, energy demands increase.

Keeping cattle warm ... More...

Keeping Goats Safe and Healthy in Extremely Cold Weather

Like almost everything else, goat management becomes more difficult in the winter. And when temperatures dip to dangerous levels, health problems such as pneumonia, parasites and food rot become more prevalent. When cold temperatures are coupled with wet weather, the stakes get even higher.

What follows is a guide to managing your goat herd in exceptionally cold weather. By following this advice you will help keep your goats safe and healthy, especially young kids born in the co ... More...

Kung Fu vs. Karate: What Sets the Two Apart?

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between Kung Fu and Karate, you are not alone. Many people who don’t have a solid foundation in the martial arts are understandably unsure what sets the two apart. In fact, many people mistakenly believe Kung Fu and Karate are the same thing.

The most obvious difference between Kung Fu and Karate is where each originated. Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art dating back more than 4,000 years. Karate, on the other hand, is a fighting a ... More...

Kung Fu or Taekwondo: Which is Right for You?

To the layperson, understanding the difference between Kung Fu and Taekwondo can be difficult. Without more than a casual knowledge of the martial arts, the two practices can seem very similar. The differences, however, are significant.

Kung Fu originated in China while Taekwondo originated in Korea. Taekwondo comes from three Korean words: Tae (“foot”), Kwon (“fist”) and Do (“way of”). Often referred to as the art of kicking and punching or unarmed combat, Taekwondo is comprise ... More...

Keeping Horses Cool and Healthy When the Temperatures Soar

The idea of one’s horse dying from heat stroke is a sobering one. For the most part, this problem can be avoided with ease. However, if one remains ignorant about horses and their tolerance for heat, how to test for dehydration and their methods of cooling themselves down, tragedy can strike. Therefore, it’s important to remain in the know

Perhaps unexpectedly, horses are able to sweat, but this is not their primary method of cooling off. The main way that horses cool off is by ... More...

Kung Fu Belts

It wasn’t until the early 20th century that colored belts were awarded to students of Kung Fu. Today, most Kung Fu schools outside of China participate in this practice.

In the martial arts, belts were instituted to signify advancement but in truth there is really no end to Kung Fu training. Further, there is no official or central body that governs rank in the study of Kung Fu. In general, it is up to individual schools.

Before belt systems, students would learn unde ... More...

Keeping Pipes from Freezing

The cold weather is upon us. Unfortunately, this means that across America, from Lansing, Michigan, to Denver, Colorado, many homeowners will face the nightmare of frozen pipes.

While everyone needs clean water in their homes, when pipes burst, there are more immediate problems. Many people are surprised to learn that it isn’t just people in cold regions that have to worry about freezing and burst pipes. Homes in warmer climates are ... More...

Key Metrics Every Business Owner Needs to Track

If you own your own business, you have a lot to keep track of. Unfortunately, three of the most important things you should be tracking often are put to the side because you just can’t seem to find the time, or the right method, for collecting this information.

Another issue business owners encounter is that they try to collect so much data that they find themselves doing a poor job of tracking any of it. So what’s a business owner to do? Experts tell us that there are three key ... More...

Keeping Livestock Warm When Temperatures Drop

Livestock animals are hearty and are well able to handle cold weather. However, keeping livestock outside for any reason, including to extend grazing periods, means some special steps must be taken to make sure that these animals are protected and remain healthy.

Cows compensate for cold temperatures with a heavier coat and they also look for ways to generate heat. They also will flock together in circles to exchange heat. Animals in the outer circle will find a warm spot and mo ... More...

Kung Fu and the Shaolin Five Animals

While animals are associated with the art of Kung Fu, many times people exaggerate or completely get the wrong impression of what these animals represent. The fact is, jumping around with hands shaped like claws or growling like a tiger isn’t the purpose of these animals in the art of Kung Fu.

Instead, when practicing Kung Fu, it is important to concentrate on the essence of the animals associated with Kung Fu instead of just trying to imitate them. What follows are the five ani ... More...

Kung-Fu Helps Physically Disabled to Protect Themselves

Millions of Americans live with some sort of physical disability. Despite this fact, it wasn’t too long ago that a person with physical disabilities would have a difficult time finding a martial arts class that he or she could participate in. Thankfully, times have changed, and many disabled individuals are not just enrolling in martial arts training, they are excelling in it.

While the benefits of martial arts training are numerous, one of the most significant benefits is that ... More...

Keeping Your Tractor’s Cooling System in Good Working Order

When it comes to your tractor’s cooling system, the most important way to keep it in good working order is to make sure that its radiator and any cooling units in front of it—including the air conditioner evaporator and hydraulic fluid cooling units—are free of debris and dirt.


Many people mistakenly use water to clean their radiator, but this is not recommended unless there is time for all of its parts to dry before it is used again. Failing to do some will lead to ... More...

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