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Improve Your Business

GoLeads understands that every business wants to be successful. We also know that many businesses don’t have the tools to reach the level of success they want. We want to help you succeed, so we’re sharing some tips and tricks we use that boost our business success. For more information on how to manage your business’s success, call us at: 402-334-1824, or go to our website:


  • Never stop prospecting! Share your business information with your meal ... More...
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Improve Sales with a Positive Attitude

Improve Sales with a Positive Attitude


Whether you see the cup as half full or half empty, you know attitude is everything when it comes to closing a sale. Optimistic people create upbeat marketing messages and positive outcomes. They filter negative statements out of their vocabulary and often turn setbacks into winning situations. Pessimists often play into negative situations, fueling th ... More...

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Improve your Inbound Marketing

Improve Your Inbound Marketing

Today’s business climate doesn’t afford you the luxury of limitless marketing dollars, so get creative with your marketing resources and improve your inbound marketing tactics. Reach out to small businesses, large corporations and individual consumers with these simple steps:

  1. Create and maintain a blog: This is one of the most effective, inexpensive ways to position yourself or you ... More...
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Is your Brand New Business (or Established Business) Easy to Work With

Is your Brand New Business (or Established Business) Easy to Work With

 Regardless of how many sales leads or consumer leads you have, if you’re a brand new business or established one, you won’t see much repeat business or referred leads if you’re not easy to work with. With several companies offering products or services similar to yours, set yourself apart by being known as ... More...

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Interesting Facts and Stats on SEO and Blogging

Business owner’s focus on sales leads and lists, but according to these stats and facts, they should also put some effort in SEO and blogging. While sales lists help with outbound calls and more traditional marketing pieces, SEO work and blogging help with inbound calls and brand recognition. Take a look at these facts and then decide how to incorporate SEO and blogging with your sales ... More...

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Increase Online Visibility with GoLeadsPlus!


Everybody’s talking about how to increase visibility, get noticed on the web and ways to get noticed by search engines, directories and other online networks. We don’t just talk about it; we do it at the GoLeads Network! It’s such an exciting time for us, because not only do we use our proven methods to continue growing and expanding, but now we share them with smart businesses that are driven to succeed. Our More...

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It Takes More than Just Leads to Grow Your Business


Marketing your business’s products and services isn’t as easy as it used to be.  There seems to be an innumerable amount of ways to get your message out to existing and potential customers.  There are still the old tried-and-true methods of direct mail and telemarketing from lead and sales lists, which remain relevant and continue to work, but what about your online presence?  What else can you be doing to grow your business?  What wor ... More...

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Increase Sales through B2B Telemarketing

Implementing a B2B telemarketing campaign is an excellent way to increase your company’s sales. That’s because a B2B telemarketing campaign is one of the best ways to identify prospects as part of your lead generation efforts.

Despite the success of B2B marketing campaigns, many companies mistakenly believe that telemarketing campaigns are not as effective as other types of lead generation efforts such as social media or d ... More...

Improving Your B2B Marketing Efforts

Marketing experts will tell you that B2B telemarketing is an extremely effective tool for promoting your company’s goods and services. Unfortunately, if a business is seeing good results from their B2B telemarketing efforts there is a tendency to rest on their laurels.

In order to keep ahead of the competition and continue to reach new sales heights, it is important that you constantly seek to improve your telemarketing efforts. What follows are a list of ways you can do just that:< ... More...

In Today’s Digital Marketing World, Telemarketing Still Reigns King

In today’s competitive business environment, marketing your product or service takes a multi-channel approach. And while it might seem that in such a highly digitized world, telemarketing wouldn’t be as relevant as it once was but that is not the case.

Although telemarketing has been around since the 1970s, the technology and tools it uses presently are as sophisticated as any currently available. Further, just because there are new marketing tools available, it doesn’t mean that th ... More...

Is Hay Fever Giving Hay a Bad Rap?

Hay fever is a colloquialism for allergic rhinitis, a type of seasonal (or sometimes) year-round allergy that affects a little less than 20 percent of the population of the United States.

Given the name, it is easy to assume that hay fever is a fever that is caused by hay. However, neither of these two assumptions are true. This type of allergy is triggered when the immune system identifies something harmless in the air as something dangerous. Antibodies are produced to fig ... More...

Is Your Sales Team Qualifying Leads?

Salespeople are good talkers. If they weren’t, they probably wouldn’t be in sales. While this is a great quality to possess, there are times when a salesperson needs to listen.

Qualifying a sales lead is an essential part of the sales process. Despite this fact, it is often overlooked. This is unfortunate since failing to qualify a lead can literally be the difference between closing a sale and going away empty-handed.

In order to qualify a sales lead, you need to find out ... More...

Irrigation an Important Consideration for Alfalfa Growers

As is the case across all professions, alfalfa growers seek efficiency. This is especially the case with irrigation—they seek to minimize overall water use without reducing total yield. Alfalfa requires a significant amount of water to grow, and with restrictions being placed on water use—especially in areas more susceptible to drought, such as the western United States—it is of the utmost importance that growers make the smartest possible decisions when it comes to irrigation.

Firs ... More...

Is the Farming Life Right for You?

Farming can be a hard life but it is a life that many people are interested in trying.  In most cases, people who want to give farming a shot fall into two categories.  The first are those who would love to farm but are overwhelmed by the prospect.  The second are those that believe all they need to do is buy a plot of land and they will be an instant success.  Both types have a point, and the reality is somewhere right in the middle.

Before anyone can begin farming there are certai ... More...

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Is Your Hay Natural or Organic?

While the difference between “natural” and “organic” may seem to be trivial, when it comes to hay, it is not. In short, naturally grown hay needs not meet standards set by the USDA National Organic Program, whereas organic hay does. This is not to say that naturally growing hay is just an excuse for farmers to bypass any sort of regulation; there exist non-government organizations that serve to examine naturally grown hay to assure its quality—not only of the finished product but also the ... More...

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