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New Products and Services Grow your Business

GoLeads Plus is here! That means GoLeads still provides the most effective sales and marketing lists, but now we also direct customers to you! No longer just a data provider, GoLeads wants to actively promote your business with a virtual marketing masterpiece created and custom-designed just for you!

GoLeads Plus introduces your company to new customers by leveraging numerous More...

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Nearly 100 million U. S. Smart Phone Users

With nearly 100 million U.S. smartphone users, you should have a mobile app for your business. If you don’t use mobile applications as part of your social marketing, you’re missing thousands, if not millions of potential customers. Look at these stats:


Mobile ... More...

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Nimbulus Solutions Creates Custom Software


Custom software has a history of being expensive and difficult to use, but it doesn’t have to be. With new cloud software technology and improved software development, established teams have been able to develop cost-effective, user friendly programs and software. Small and large businesses benefit from the efficient designs and lower costs, quick turnaround and real-time scaling infrastructure ... More...

New Farmers Find Creative Solutions to Tough Challenges

New farmers face many challenges.  It is vital that this new generation be supported through these challenges since a high percentage of farmers will be retiring soon.  According to many experts, the two greatest challenges young farmers face today are acquiring land and coming up with much-needed capital but there are other challenges, as well.  These include developing a business plan, finding peers who they can relate to, and forging relationships with experienced farmers willing to men ... More...

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Nurturing Social Media Sales Leads

If you’re not using your social media feeds as a source of sales leads for your business, you should be.  If you’re already on the various social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, then you’re off to a great start.  But, if you’re not actively participating in engaging your followers, then you’re really missing out on some of the best potential in the new digital age.  It’s one thing to have followers and fans, but it’s certainly another to monetize them and turn them ... More...

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Not All Leads are Created Equal

Anyone who works in sales can tell you what they consider to be a lead. But the definition of a lead varies depending on who is doing the talking.

In the most general terms, a lead is the initial stage of the sales process and identifies a business or person who could potentially buy the product or service being sold. This definition can be further narrowed by saying that a sales lead is a business or person who is, or is likely to be, interested in your product or service.

< ... More...
Not All Hay is Created Equal

Winter is quickly approaching which means livestock will most likely be depending on hay for their nutritional needs instead of the forage they are used to feeding on. While hay is a great way to keep your livestock well-fed through the cold winter months, it is important to remember that not all hay is created equal.

The nutritional value of hay has everything to do with its leaf content. Leaves have more nutrients and are easier to digest when the plant is still growing. When it h ... More...

New Generation of Hay Trailers May Reduce Hay Waste

No matter what your hay needs, at some point you will need to move hay from point A to point B. No matter how far – or short – the distance, some amount of hay waste is inevitable. Thankfully, the amount of waste is decreasing significantly thanks to a new generation of hay trailers.

In addition to reducing hay waste, moving hay with these new trailers is also faster and less labor intensive. These trailers promise a future of improved productivity and increased profitability.

... More...
Need Some Hay? There’s an App for That!

Hay for sale signs dot the rural countryside throughout the United States. While this seems like an antiquated way of doing business, it actually makes sense.

Hay producers want to know who their customers are and this can be difficult to do over the internet or the phone. After all, it takes a great deal of time and money to load a truck full of hay and drive it to a customer only to find out that the customer is nowhere to be found or that they aren’t happy with the type of hay th ... More...

Net Wrap and Twine on Hay Bales Can Cause Serious Health Issues for Cattle

Agricultural experts have long touted the benefits of hay feeders for livestock. Reduced hay feeding loss and input costs are two of the most important reasons such feeders come so highly recommended.

As any farmer will tell you, management of input costs is critical to an operation’s bottom line. Management of input can mean the difference between profit or loss. Round hay feeders are especially ... More...

Not One Type of Hay is “Best” and Other Hay Myths

Hay is commonly used as livestock feed, but misconceptions about it still persist. These myths range from what type of hay is “best,” if certain types of hay are dangerous and which animals require what types of hay.

First of all, no type of hay is “best.” That is, hay quality is ultimately a matter of proper management and harvesting. Any species or variety of hay, therefore, can be the “best,” but using a certain typ ... More...

Navigating the Complex World of Manufacturing Lead Generation

Maximizing each and every lead is critical to success in the competitive manufacturing industry. Supply and demand variables co ... More...

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