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Customer Lead Generation
Are you tired of cold calling and prospecting and want to have sales leads come to you. We have business leads, consumer leads, investment leads, internet leads, and many other types of industry specific sales leads. I won''t hesitate to recommended GoLeads to friends and associates who need accurate and affordable sales leads and mailing lists. I can tell you honestly that I have never had a better relationship for sales leads than I have with GoLeads. ... More...
Close More Sales

Close More Sales

If you want to close more sales, whether you’re telemarketing or selling face-to-face, you should have a system. Successful business owners, sales managers and sales executives typically use a system comprised of three components. Customize this generic plan to suit your situation and you will close more sales.

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Combine Traditional Marketing Methods with Social Media Marketing

Your company relies on new sales leads through traditional marketing methods and social media marketing. However, it takes time to build up your business lists and garner new business leads. This reduces the time you can give to sales. Fortunately, there are several SEO, leads lists and marketing companies that can help you. Some provi ... More...

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Content Marketing Trends for B2B


If you’re still not sure whether content marketing can help your business grow in the upcoming year, let’s take a closer look at a few findings from a recent study involving 1,426 business-to-business marketers from North America.  The study was recently conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

The number one challenge for content marketing professionals surveyed was creating enough c ... More...

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Content in 2013-What You can Expect


Whether you’ve got your eye on the world of content creation, publishing or writing, the New Year brings with it a sense of a fresh new start.  With it, too, come predictions.  Of which some are worth taking a look at, at least when it comes to content and you’re business in 2013.

A vital trend in the coming year is the increased emphasis on< ... More...

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Constant Creative Content


Content marketing isn’t just a buzzword anymore and its way beyond being a passing marketing fad.  It’s now essential to growing your presence online and getting in front of potential new customers.  You already know this, so why do you and so many people fail to execute on even the smallest of content strategies?  It’s because we’re so busy running our day-to-day businesses and dealing with customers, clients, ... More...


If you’re in business or in the marketing trade, you’ve definitely heard how important content is to grow your business, brand your company and to obtain new customers in this digital world we now live in.  You may not have heard, however, that some studies are suggesting that the average adult attention span comes in at less than 3 seconds?  Actually, 2.8 seconds to be exact.  Other research is suggesting that our atte ... More...

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Customer Profiling Surveys Best Handled by Telephone

There are many ways to determine if a past customer is just that, or shows promise of becoming a repeat customer. One effective method to determine the status of customers in your database is to conduct client profiling telephone surveys.

Each year, businesses spend a great deal of time and money marketing to customers in their databases who show very little – if any – promise of becoming repeat customers. By cleansing your database of these customers, you can focus your resourc ... More...

Can Your Business Handle a Mixed-Marketing Approach?

Marketing is an ever-changing entity. At different times, different approaches will be more relevant than others.

One thing marketers are beginning to realize, however, is that the integration of varied approaches is the key to any successful marketing campaign. While a mix of social media marketing, direct mail and telemarketing might work for a particular target audience, email marketing might be the best option for anoth ... More...

Can Telemarketing Replace Face-to-Face Interactions?

Many companies have made the decision to use telemarketers to handle small or inactive accounts and prospects. This decision has proved effective and is based on several factors.

Telemarketing can complement salespeople in the field by reaching out to new customers or markets without committing a great deal of time, money, or manpower. Telemarketers can also sell products and services to existing clients in places where there are no salespeople available or when sending a member of ... More...

Connecting with Prospects Over the Phone

Sales calls can be difficult for even the most seasoned salesperson. However, those who are the best at making sales over the phone care less about making a sale and more about getting to know the person on the other end of the line.

The first thing you need to do when talking with a prospect over the phone is to find out where his or her priorities lie. This can be very difficult because as a salesperson, your first inclination is usually to tell a prospect what an outstanding prod ... More...

Cattle Feeding Costs: Cut Costs, Not Quality

When it comes to cutting costs on cattle feeding, it is critical not to compromise quality in the process. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to ensure your cattle are well fed and getting the nutrients they need without wreaking havoc on your bank account. Here are a few easy tips to minimize feed expense:

Consider alternative feedstuffs. They are usually a much less expensive source of protein and energy than commercial supplements, and their low starch and hig ... More...

Concentration of Phosphorus Key to Quality Forage

One important characteristic that goes a long way in revealing the quality of forage is its concentration of phosphorus. Therefore, when one is considering what forage to give to livestock, it is important to take this into account.

Phosphorus is an element that plays a large role in the growth and development of forage, especially so during the early stages of growth. In these early stages, it helps with root growth. In addition, phosphorus aids in digestion.

Consumi ... More...

Converting Standing Forage into Livestock Feed

One of the most significant issues forage growers encounter is transforming high quality standing forage in the field into high quality livestock feed that is able to be stored. In order to meet this challenge head-on, carefully timed management is required.

Today, many growers harvest and store alfalfa or grass silage as baleage. The advantages of doing so are clear and include less drying time and a lower investment in terms of machinery and storage. In some cases the same bal ... More...

Customer Service Tactics that Turn Clients Off

Outstanding customer service is essential if you want your business to grow and thrive. In fact, many people say that even if they love a product or service that a business provides, if the customer service is bad, they will walk away.

There are obvious ways we show customers that we care. We listen, we anticipate their needs, we appreciate the power of yes, we give more than is expected. The list goes on and on. Unfortunately, there are things we do without thinking too much ab ... More...

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