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Why have a Mobile App?

A mobile app is software that gets downloaded onto mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets. It integrates with the devices’ system and makes instant interaction possible between consumers and products/businesses/services. Mobile apps create interactive experiences wherever a person has a connection. This is why more and more businesses consider having mobile apps. Here are a few more reasons mobile apps are important for most businesses:

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What Really Motivates Employees

Most businesses supply sales incentives for their employees, but are they ever appreciated or even wanted? Providing employee reward programs might drive motivation and enthusiasm or may turn your employees off. If you don’t offer sales incentives that are worth working towards, don’t offer any at all.

 Some sales directors believe employees just want to be recognized for their efforts, so they offer a plaque or generic certif ... More...

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Why Do You Need A Mailing Fulfilment House

It is hard to start a business these days, but the most important thing to do at the onset is to market your business effectively. You need some great local business marketing ideas to get you started. In the beginning, you probably do not have the funds to advertise by television, billboards,

... More...
Ways to Grow your Business

Before you opened your business, you likely researched the industry, revenue potential and competition, but did you look into new ways to grow your business? Books, business groups and community education centers are great resources when you want to start a business. SEO-search engine optimization, social media and traditional marketing efforts help you grow your business without extreme addit ... More...

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What is Agile Project Management?


As more companies move from command and control management to agile project management, it’s important to understand what this means. If you deal with custom software or software development, it’s likely you already have at least a general understanding of agile project management. While it’s not a terribly new concept, it is one not ev ... More...

Why you should use SEO-Search Engine Optimization


A business worth anything uses SEO-search engine optimization to get noticed online, gain sales leads and build relationships with their clients and consumers. Companies who don’t use social media marketing miss thousands of prospecting opportunities each day-no joke! Here are a few reasons you should use SEO-search engine optimization and social media ... More...

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What is a Mailing List?

A mailing list is a targeted compiled list of names and addresses for direct mailing purposes.  On the internet, a mailing list includes the person’s email address rather than a postal address, which is also known as a “traditional” mailing list. 

The success or failure of any direct mailing campaign relies on three main things – the message or creative, the offer, and the quality of the mailing ... More...

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What is Content Curation?


Still considered by many to be a marketing “buzz” word, content curation is becoming more mainstream and widely adopted by professional marketers  Not just another passing fad, it is now becoming a staple for many companies with stellar and successful online presence.  Content curation is the act of discovering, gathering and presenting digital content surrounding a specific subject matter.

There is a d ... More...

By:   GoLeads Will Save You Money on Medical devices


If you are like other small medical facilities, you''re trying to find ways to save money on medical devices.  But, you lack the time to do a lot of comparison shopping.  Don''t waste any more of those precious moments, and visit for the best prices on a medical device you''ve been wanting or other pain relief treatment options.  There''s one thing you can''t afford in a tough ... More...

Why Producing Enough Content is Difficult and Tips to Help

Continually producing good, engaging content is difficult.  If you’re like many B2B marketers, one of your biggest challenges is trying to keep up with the rigors of content creation, day in and day out.  You’re not alone in this endeavor and here are some easy things you can implement to help overcome this challenge.

Though many times you need different types of content in the middle of the sales cycle to cu ... More...

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What is Hoopla Connect?

Hoopla Connect helps you leverage content across numerous outlets to help you maximize your online exposure. 

When it comes to writing and distributing content, Hoopla Connect does it all for you. All you have to do is decide where you want to publish it. And we’ll take it from there. In just a few clicks, you can expand your reach exponentially in just minute ... More...

Why Content Marketing Matters


In today’s competitive digital environment, you can never underestimate the influence and power of good, consistent content marketing as part of an overall comprehensive marketing plan.  What simply was a buzzword just a few short years ago, “content” is now a business necessity and a plays a major role in most large and medium sized company’s marketing and brand strategies.  Companies such as Kodak, Coca Cola, McDonalds, IBM, and more, have been doing it for a while now.  If ... More...

Why Are Health Insurance Premiums Increasing?


It was a bright and shining promise: The President and Congressional allies passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (colloquially known as "ObamaCare") amidst assertions that the law would contain health insurance costs. Indeed, President O ... More...

Ways to Improve Your Credit


If you have a low credit score you need to improve your credit. Your credit report holds information that affects your credit score. It’s really the only thing that does. In turn, your credit score directly affects your buying power and ability to obtain new credit. A low credit score can prevent you from getting good rates on loans and credit cards or can prevent you from even qualifying for them.


With a lower cred ... More...

What is Appropriate Content for a Business Facebook Page?

Most businesses these days have Facebook pages.  While we all know what not to put on our personal Facebook page – dates you will be on vacation, complaints about your boss, your home address – it is harder to know what kind of posts are appropriate for your business page.  While the following list is certainly not exhaustive, it should give you an idea of what your business posts should – or should not – contain. 

  1. If someone wants to read ads, they can pick up a circul ... More...
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