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Everyone Needs Mailing Lists
All businesses should use mailing lists, but many small businesses still don''t use them. They often believe their radio spots, rented ad-spaces and word-of-mouth are enough to keep them in business. However, purchasing a mailing list can be a perfect way to grow your business because of how customized the message can be to a targeted audience. ... More...
Enhance Social Media Marketing with Traditional Marketing Methods

Enhance Social Media Marketing with Traditional Marketing Methods

Without social marketing and new business leads, your company becomes stagnant and irrelevant. However, building up your business lists and seeking new business leads often takes away from what you do best – selling. This is where an outside team can help you. By providing sales leads, specialty lists, mailing lists, social media management and more t ... More...

By:   GoLeads
Email Marketing a Must for Small Businesses

Recent studies show that more than 70 percent of small businesses say that email marketing makes up the majority of their marketing plan.  Email is everywhere these days.  Whether for personal or business use, almost everyone has an email account.  That’s why email marketing makes such good sense – especially for smaller businesses and companies who are unable to afford a multi-media marketing campaign.

In light of this fact, you would think that every small business would be us ... More...

By:   GoLeads
Excellent Care, Quality Diet Help U.S. Dairy Cows Thrive

Around the world, there are more than 800 breeds of cows but very few of those breeds produce milk. Dairy cattle are breeds of cattle that when compared to other cattle produce greater volumes of milk for a greater period of time.

The USDA says that U.S. dairy farmers produce almost three times more milk with about half the number of cows than they did in 1960. In the United States, there are six principle breeds of dairy cows.

  1. Holstein: These cows ... More...
Emergency Action Plan Essential to Recover Natural Forage

While it is something farmers hope they never have to face, it is important that they have a plan for their cows in the event that forage becomes scarce or absent. Drought, wildfires and other disasters are just a few of the way such circumstances can occur and livestock feed becomes an issue.

While each farmer may have a little different plan, the most important thing is that a plan is in place. Oth ... More...

Effective Lead Nurturing Techniques

Lead nurturing is an ongoing process. Research shows that fewer than 10 percent of leads will immediately convert. In light of this fact, lead nurturing is essential to the success of any business.

Unfortunately, being aware of the importance of effective lead nurturing is only the first step. The next—and perhaps most important—step is knowing how to effectively nurture leads. What follows are five of the best ways to do just that so you are able to convert leads into customers ... More...

Evaluating Your Lead Nurturing Efforts

Lead nurturing is an essential element of any successful lead generation program. However, no matter how successful your lead nurturing efforts, they could always be better.

In order to make sure that your lead nurturing efforts are the best they can be, it is important that you evaluate these efforts on a regular basis. In some cases it may make sense to bring in an outside firm to evaluate your lead n ... More...

Email Marketing and Brand Loyalty

Many businesses see email as a way to connect with prospects and gain new customers. In other words, increase sales. This is true for those in the Ag industry, as well.

Unfortunately, that is as far as many businesses will take their email marketing efforts. While no one would argue that email marketing should not be used to generate leads and drive sales, many businesses fail to understand what an important role emai ... More...

By:   US Farm Data
Effective Lead Generation Marries the Old and the New

Lead generation often falls by the wayside when a business is doing well. This is understandable but also risky. No matter how many customers you have today, anyone who has ever owned a business will tell you that circumstances can turn on a dime.

To protect yourself against an empty sales funnel when you need to drum up business, it is imperative that you have a lead generation strategy that remains in place and stands the test of time. While it is tempting to take an “out with ... More...

Eight Questions to Ask When Choosing a Child Care Program

Nothing is as important as keeping children safe. And while in a perfect world, no parent would have to worry about keeping their child safe in child care, the reality is, some child care centers are safer than others. Read ... More...

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