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Premier Academy is the leading provider of daycare, preschool, pre-K, and before and after school programs in Omaha and Elkhorn, NE. The child care programs are designed for infants from 6 weeks to children 5 years of age. Three locations: Omaha, 144th & W. Maple Rd. | Omaha, 156th & W. Maple Rd. | Elkhorn, Roberts St.


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Premier Academy is dedicated to the complete development of your child. It is our goal to spark the creativity and build self-esteem while nurturing a foundation for academic success in each child that enters our daycare center.

The foundation for the child that is laid now is the future success of the child. A positive environment is essential and at Premier Academy this is our top goal. The attitude of the child with the laughs and excited smiles allow us to know that our children are happy, learning, and in the right environment. When a child is able to open their eyes to the world, with new wonders and the excitement of creativity, the child is empowered with a special gift. The doors open and the foundation of learning is set. Youth is a fabulous time in a child’s life and Premier Academy takes special care to ensure that the structure of our childcare centers become a part of life that the child enjoys running to each day. Premier Academy is a happy environment with hands on learning where the child expresses themselves and learns all the wonderful power that they have, which makes life an adventure.

Kids get to act their age, have fun, and grow wise. The atmosphere at Premier Academy is nurturing and caring. The center is the child’s home away from home and one that the child has endless possibilities to explore their own imagination. The environment is filled with excitement for the child’s fun, stimulating and challenging.

The caregivers at Premier Academy are highly qualified and dedicated to build a solid foundation that lasts and that encourages each child to follow their dreams and to pursue a lifelong love of learning through physical activity, art, music and a friendly social environment.


Call Us at (402) 493 ­- 8812
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