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We perform free water test to assess your needs and find an answer to your water problems. Contact Spartan Clean Water today and find out the benefits of our Water Treatment System and receive a free water for your home!

* The healthiest and cheapest solution to your drinking water issues, whether you use tap water or bottled water.

Filtered drinking water is the healthiest for children’s growing and developing immune systems.

Makes cleaning much easier (Soap scum, rust spots, etc.). Hydrates skin and hair to make it smoother and healthier.

Keeps your clothes and fabrics soft as well as makes them last longer. Use less laundry detergents and harsh cleaning products.

Contact Clark's Clean Water Today and recieve a free water test!

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Lansing, Michigan
About Us

Spartan Clean Water has been a subsidiary of one of the oldest water treatment systems, Wolverine Water Treatment Systems.  Wolverine has been around since 1947 and is one of the largest independent water treatment contractors in Michigan with decades of experience with water treatment.

Because Spartan Clean Water is a Michigan based company, we are experts in the different types of water throughout the state.  We have a variety of different water treatment systems to help better manage various water conditions. Spartan Clean Water has been servicing all makes and models throughout the Lansing, Michigan and surrounding areas for over 3 years.



Call Us at (517) 331 ­- 7082
How Clean are Ice Cubes?
The importance of clean water is well-understood. Nevertheless, clean ice is equally as important even though people rarely think about the cleanliness of ice. The fact is; however, it is necessary to both be aware of the dangers posed by dirty ice in addition to methods for keeping it clean. Dirty ice is particularly dangerous because outwardly the ice will usually appear to be normal. Even though it may lack a dirty outward appearance, the microscopic particles and organisms can find......  Read More
How to Combat the Cloudy Film on Glassware
Cloudy glassware and dishes are a common problem in many households. It is especially irritating when you pull dishes out of the dishwasher expecting them to be clear and bright only to find a dingy film on them. There are several reasons for a cloudy coating on glasses and dishware but the likely causes are usually etching or hard water. Many people are unaware of what etching is, let alone what causes it. If you have a dull, cloudy film on your glassware that you haven’t been able to......  Read More
Keeping Pipes from Freezing
The cold weather is upon us. Unfortunately, this means that across America, from Lansing, Michigan, to Denver, Colorado, many homeowners will face the nightmare of frozen pipes. While everyone needs clean water in their homes, when pipes burst, there are more immediate problems. Many people are surprised to learn that it isn’t just people in cold regions that have to worry about freezing and burst pipes. Homes in warmer climates are also at risk for burst pipes since these homes are not......  Read More
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Lansing, Michigan

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