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About Us
• For 2018 our corn and soybean product lines have excellent conventional and traited products to meet your needs.  We also have first rate alfalfa and small grain seed.  
   • This year we have increased our offering of Silage corns for livestock producers.
• Terning Seeds has been a proud, family-owned company for more than 42 years. Unlike many companies, we grow and process our own corn and soybean products to maintain quality at every stage of the production cycle
Call Us at (320) 286 ­- 2168
Corn Detasseling 101
If you grew up on a farm, chances are you know all about seed corn detasseling. Many people are unaware of how the process works, however, and still others don’t even know what it is in the first place. In this article, Terning Seeds details about Corn Detasseling 101 ...  Read More
Can Insects and Weeds be Managed with Conventional Corn Hybrids?
Some farmers today are finding that they are able to manage insects and weeds with conventional corn hybrids. But that doesn’t mean the practice will work for everyone. There are several reasons why some farmers are choosing to go this route. These include weed resistance and declining populations of pests. To make it worth their while, however, farmers will need to employ rigorous scouting and pest management methods. Agronomists will tell you that it is not just genetics that have the......  Read More
A Brief History of Hybrid Seed Corn
Hybrid seed corn is so common today we hardly think about it. In fact, more than 95 percent of corn planted today is hybrid corn. Thanks to hybrid seed, today’s farmers are able to produce 20 percent more corn on 25 percent fewer acres than they did a century ago. It was a geneticist from New York, G.H. Shull, who began experimenting on inheritance in the early 1900s. His experiments were the basis for hybrid corn and included observations on the reduction in vigor on inbreeding and the......  Read More
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