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The Hay Manager is a round bale feeder that was first built in 1997.  The idea refined by Ted Lacey was created as a farmer to save hay from spoiling in the feeder.  It has a useful purpose of feeding hay to livestock.

We are a family-farm based business out of Trent, SD.  Our goal is to save others money by setting them up with a way to feed hay in an efficient manner.

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Due to the variability of steel costs, the price of our hay feeder also varies.  Current base price is $815 for a cow feeder (plus tax, and if applicable, shipping and handling). We estimate, conservatively, that feeding 30 cows, this hay feeder will pay for itself in 75 days.  Additionally it will save your hay (paying for itself) after that, and will easily last 10 years.

Call Us at (605) 428 ­- 5122
High-Quality Hay Comes Down to a Few Factors
Hay is one of the most popular and widely used feed for livestock. While some may argue that quantity trumps quality when it comes to hay, that is rarely the case. Instead, quality hay is critical for happy and healthy livestock which translates into profitability for producers. However, there are a number of factors that go into quality hay, including superior management practices and an attention to detail by producers. But which factors are the most important? Ask 100 hay producers and......  Read More
Can Hay Be Too High of Quality?
It is common sense that livestock shouldn’t be fed moldy or otherwise low-quality hay. However, is it possible to feed livestock hay that is too high quality? In general, feeding livestock the highest quality hay will not result in any adverse health effects, but it may not always be the most efficient approach. For that reason, there are some rules to follow when it comes to deciding which hay to use for feeding. Different livestock have different requirements. For instance, cows that are......  Read More
Hay Moisture Testers Accurately Determine Moisture Content
Is your hay too moist? Not moist enough? For years, the touch test has been how most hay producers have gaged the state of their hay. The problem is that the touch test is extremely subjective. Trying to determine a specific moisture content is nearly impossible using the touch test. Even when no more water can be squeezed out of hay when you wring it out, the moisture content of that hay can still be greater than 50 percent. Stored wet hay also is a factor since microbes can go wild,......  Read More
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