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The Hay Manager is a round bale feeder that was first built in 1997.  The idea refined by Ted Lacey was created as a farmer to save hay from spoiling in the feeder.  It has a useful purpose of feeding hay to livestock.

We are a family-farm based business out of Trent, SD.  Our goal is to save others money by setting them up with a way to feed hay in an efficient manner.

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Due to the variability of steel costs, the price of our hay feeder also varies.  Current base price is $815 for a cow feeder (plus tax, and if applicable, shipping and handling). We estimate, conservatively, that feeding 30 cows, this hay feeder will pay for itself in 75 days.  Additionally it will save your hay (paying for itself) after that, and will easily last 10 years.

Call Us at (605) 428 ­- 5122
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