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Chambers Pivot Industries - Growing your business twice as fast with half the effort. Assisting in designing sales practices people can live with and are a natural fit for who you are. Research shows that engaged employees sell twice as much with no additional investment, so Greg Chambers, the founder of, Chambers Pivot Industries LLC focuses on making selling everyone’s business. The reason most businesses don’t grow faster is they use growth strategies that don’t work for everyone in the company. He overcomes this by focusing on sales strategies oriented to your size, goals, and disposition. He encourages you to consider who your company really is: a group of human beings, real people with strengths and weaknesses, then to design approaches and practices that are a natural fit for your people. Find out how that looks in your business by giving Greg Chambers a call today.



Business Development
Sales and Marketing Consultant
Business Growth Consultant
Marketing Workshops
Marketing Training Workshops
About Us
Greg Chambers is the founder of the sales-and-marketing consultancy, Chambers Pivot Industries LLC. He helps entrepreneurial companies create sales-and-marketing practices they can get excited about and are a perfect fit for their cultures.
Greg began his consultancy in 2012, and has worked with clients in nine industries, including ecommerce, finance, and healthcare. He coaches clients on how to build revenue through practices like online-and-offline lead generation, new market penetration, database marketing, and referral training.
Before opening his firm, Greg was a serial entrepreneur. He led the expansion of the cult apparel company, Mad Gringo, and helped found the lead generation company, GoLeads.
Greg’s latest book, “The Human Being’s Guide to Business Growth: A simple 3 step process for unleashing the power of your people for growth” teaches readers the easiest way to grow their business. Greg is also a novelist. His thriller, “The Legend of Mad Gringo,” follows a Hawaiian shirt-wearing protagonist who quits his corporate job and is forced to do battle with “The System.”
Greg lives in Omaha with his wife, three children, two cats, and a dog.
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