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Growing your business is all about two things: getting customers & getting more customers. It sounds simple. And for the most part, it can be. It just takes a lot of work. And that’s where B2B Vibe can help. Let us handle your marketing so you can manage your business.

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For your marketing to be truly successful, it needs to be consistent. And for that to happen, two things have to come together for you to implement consistent marketing programs to help you grow your business: time and money. And here again, B2B Vibe can help. Sign up with us, and it will be like having your own marketing team. We’ll handle everything for you – create your profile, write all of your content, design all of your emails, include you in thousands of directories, introduce your company to all kinds of businesses, and much, much more.

So leave your marketing to B2B Vibe. Sign Up Today!

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Generation Roth IRA

Generation Roth IRA

The multitudes of young adults who are entering the job market are realizing more than ever that the “American Dream” has changed. Research on the fluctuating wealth of Americans is showing us that young millennials are simply accumulating less wealth than their parents. The Urban Institute’s research on the wealth building of young Americans has shown that “stagnant wages, diminishing job opportunities, and lost home values may be merging to paint a vastly different future.” Newly employed...

Gender Gap Puts Women at Risk in Their Retirement Years

Gender Gap Puts Women at Risk in Their Retirement Years

The issue of equality between women and men can span a variety of settings, but in our current day and age, we most commonly associate this issue with the work place. Current statistics tell us that a woman earns $0.77 for every dollar that a male earns, doing the exact same job. Women don’t earn as much as men, and this isn’t really news. What most people don’t consider is the continuing effect salary difference makes on a woman’s future – especially her retirement plan. What happens when...

Preparing for Your Future Health

Preparing for Your Future Health

Discussions regarding sudden illness, or the onset of long-term illness and disability, are usually limited to the doctor’s office. No one likes talking about his or her future health because it most likely contains a significantly less-than-healthy version of our present selves. It is understandable that people don’t want to focus on the negative aspect of the future, but they often justify this inattention with a lack of preparation by telling themselves, “there is no real way you can...

Balance Finance and Lifestyle for a Successful Retirement

Balance Finance and Lifestyle for a Successful Retirement

When people think of retirement planning, they often think it all comes down to dollars and cents. The financial aspect of any retirement plan is indeed the foundation, because without a solid amount of savings, stress can overshadow your ability to enjoy or achieve any other dreams you had for your final years. But simply having enough money to ease your thoughts about the future shouldn''t be the pinnacle of your retirement plan. In order to really get the most out of your retirement there...

Difficulties that Come With Valuing a Young Company

Difficulties that Come With Valuing a Young Company

Every business owner has their own challenges, but being a young startup can be extremely tricky. Getting your new business beyond the start up phase requires customers and investors alike. People are going to want to know what they are buying into, and they will want concrete numbers. An advantage of a long-running business is they have the advantage of past financials to back up their estimated value. If you find people who are willing to invest, they are going to ask for all details on...

Does Tax Season Affect Your Retirement Plans?

Does Tax Season Affect Your Retirement Plans?

Retirement accounts tend to get a lot of attention with the April return-filing deadline for traditional IRA and Roth IRA accounts. This is the one time of year when everyone is forced into taking a close look at their income, and for some people it is the only time. Naturally, when we are confronted with our current financial situation we can’t help but also consider our financial future. Not all of us are blessed with a savvy financial sense, but if you are already participating in...

Marketing Your Small Business without a Huge Budget

Marketing Your Small Business without a Huge Budget

When you start or buy a business, especially a small business, it is important that you create a buzz around it that attracts customers. The problem is, most small businesses don’t have the kind of budget that is needed to create a marketing blitz that gets them noticed. Never fear, there is hope. Creating a buzz around your small business can be achieved in ways you might not have thought of – ways that don’t cost a lot of money. Here are a just some of the things you can do to attract...

Why Your Content is Failing to Connect

Why Your Content is Failing to Connect

Why Your Content is Failing to Connect There is nothing more discouraging than spending hours working on a blog, article, or targeted email only to find out that no one has any interest in what your wrote. While it is easy to take such rejection personally, you would be better served to investigate the reasons why your content is failing to connect with your target audience. So what are some of the reasons people aren’t reading your content? What follows are some issues you may be...

Market Your Business the Smart Way with Email Marketing

Market Your Business the Smart Way with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to market your business. And when done correctly, an email marketing campaign can have a hugely positive impact on a business. Despite this fact, many business owners are not convinced that an email marketing campaign is right for their product or service. Part of the hesitation on the part of these business is owners is the fact that they aren’t sure exactly what specific benefits an email campaign can offer. They are told that an email campaign is a great...

Fine Tune Your Budgeting Skills

Fine Tune Your Budgeting Skills

Part of establishing yourself as a business owner is learning to manage a budget. Sure we all have to balance our checkbooks and keep track of all our bills, but a business budget is about more than about keeping tabs on the bank account. It’s about running a successful business from all angles. Your budget should be geared towards success at any stage, in any situation. You can’t plan for every possible wrench that the future may throw at you, but you can develop strategies that will help...

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