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Medicare supplements
Medicare part A
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Why Choose Flaxbeard? Our experience in healthcare goes far beyond insurance. Our founder, Christine Flaxbeard, has been a registered nurse, a dedicated Medicare volunteer and a loyal community servant. You can kick your feet back and relax when you team up with our wealth of knowledge. The best part? Our expertise won’t cost you a dime.


Medicare supplements
Medicare part A
Medicare part B
Senior Health Insurance
Omaha, Nebraska
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Hi! I’m Christine Flaxbeard and I’ve dedicated my life to three things: Healthcare, Childcare and Helping out Fellow Nebraskans.

Flaxbeard Insurance Advisors helps people find the right insurance for their needs. Flaxbeard offers Medicare plans, health insurance and life insurance.We specialize in saving you money while getting you the provisions you need.We organize your information through email and our online platform. No more digging around your purse for your insurance cards.


Call Us at (402) 616 ­- 7172
Medicare and Social Security Benefits Don’t Always Go Hand-In-Hand
Many people are under the impression that Medicare and Social Security benefits always go hand-in-hand. While it is true that many individuals apply for Medicare and Social Security benefits at the same time, this is not a requirement. Click here to read more details on this topic. ...  Read More
Delaying Retirement? How to Handle Medicare Enrollment
The annual Medicare Open Enrollment Period ended December 7. If you are delaying retirement, there are some serious issues to consider such as when to take Social Security and what you need to know about signing up for Medicare. Click here to read more details on this topic. ...  Read More
Are There Penalties for Failing to Enroll in Medicare?
When it comes to Medicare coverage, knowing when to sign up may be one of the most puzzling aspects for many individuals. This is especially true if a senior is still working and has health insurance through their place of employment. Click here to read more details on this topic. ...  Read More
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