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The Bicycle Company
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Safety Check
Full Rebuild Cycle
Build From Flatpack
Wheel Respoke
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We are specializes in meeting the needs of any type of cyclist, from beginner to advanced. This shop carries mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes and gear for the serious bicyclist, including helmets, biking shirts and shorts, gloves, energy powders, CO2 cartridges, air pumps and all parts including handlebars, gears, chains, inner-tubes and much more. It also offers bike tune-ups and even fitting services for matching the customer's body type with the right bike or adjusting a bike to the customer's needs. Call or stop by to make a fitting appointment. Check online for information about organized rides and clinics throughout the year.

Safety Check
Full Rebuild Cycle
Build From Flatpack
Wheel Respoke
Fixed Gear Bicycle
About Us

New BICYCLING Company is a fixed gear/single speed bicycle company; Our goal is to bring the most attractive, high quality, and smooth riding fixed gear/single speed bicycles to the USA market at the lowest price possible. We currently offer 6 different color combinations for our USA customers, 3 handlebar styles (bullhorns, riser bars, and drop-down bars), and 4 sizes (49cm, 52cm, 55cm, and 59cm). Each bicycle model that we offer is available for 3 months to a year before it is "retired" and we release newly designed models to replace it -- when they're gone, they're gone.

Call Us at (402) 334 ­- 1824

Fox Apparel Fox Low Pro Hydration Pack 2012

Fox’s Low Pro pack keeps a low profile on your back, but still swallows up your riding essentials with ease. A 2L Hydrapak reservoir will keep your fluids close to you and the channeled back padding guides more air against your back to keep you more comfortable. Zippered front compartments keep your items safely in your pack.
How to Climb Steep Hills While Cycling
Climbing hills on a bicycle isn''t everyone''s idea of fun... Yet, if you live in a hilly area or you''re traveling through hills, why deny yourself the pleasure of continuing to ride regularly just because of those steeper hills? Climbing steep hills on a cycle requires knowing a few tips about increasing your stamina, positioning yourself correctly on the cycle, and changing those gears. So hop back on your bike with this advice and find yourself a few steep hills to practice on until it......  Read More
Risk of Injury for Bicycling on Cycle Tracks Versus in the Street
In the United States a frequent source for cycling-infrastructure design is the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities. In its current form, the guide favors one-way bike lanes separated from vehicular traffic by painted lines; cycle paths at sidewalk level are discouraged and physically separated two-way paths, known as cycle tracks, are not mentioned. Based on sources such as the AASHTO guide, many state and......  Read More

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Safety Check, Full Rebuild Cycle, Build From Flatpack, Wheel Respoke, Fixed Gear Bicycle
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