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Terning Seeds
Serving Minnesota Farmers for Over 40 Years
With High Quality Alfalfa Seed.

Conventional & Various Hybrid Alfalfa Seed
Ideal for Minnesota Conditions

If you are looking for a Alfalfa Seed that can deliver higher yields, Terning Seeds can help. We have been creating our own Alfalfa Seed for farmers in Minnesota, Dakotas, Michigan and Wisconsin for the past 40 years. With all types of varieties, there's one thing we strive to make common in all of them, and that is higher yields.

Our production, processing, conditioning, bagging and storage processes operate under strict specifications to provide the highest quality seed products for your farm.

We start by selecting parent seed from leading suppliers of corn and soybean genetics. We strive to keep our pipeline full of the latest traits and technologies that offer you the greatest potential for success.

There's a lot to think about when purchasing seed for your farm. If you are unsure of the type of seed to buy, then give us a call. Feel free to complete the form, and someone will contact you, or call us today!



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Corn, Soybean, Alfalfa Production in Minnesota



Corn Production

  • 35,529 Corn Producers

  • 8.0 Million Estimated Corn Acres Planted

  • $4.5 Billion Estimated Annual Revenue





Soybean Production

  • 30,255 Soybean Producers

  • 8.1 Million Estimated Soybean Acres Planted

  • $3.4 Billion Estimated Annual Revenue





Alfalfa Production

  • 16,484 Alfalfa Producers

  • 870,000 Estimated Alfalfa Acres Planted

  • $297 Million Estimated Annual Revenue




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